Overhead Doors

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Overhead Doors

Compliance Crane overhead door & dock leveler service, repair and installations company. We pride ourselves with quality service and installation of roll up rubber doors, overhead doors, loading dock levelers, truck latches, high speed rubber doors, gate systems, dock doors and all related products to suit today’s busy industrial markets. Our fully equipped fleet of service and installation vehicles with their specially trained technicians can handle all your door and dock needs, from electrical wiring of door openers to concrete construction of dock pits and door openings. Call one of our representatives today for a free loading dock and door area survey and find out if one of our products can increase your dock area productivity and your doors safety.

Overhead Doors

With hundreds of top quality products to choose from, Compliance Crane can ensure that we will increase productivity in all areas of your dock area. High speed rubber doors can be install to reduce heating costs, downtime and decrease bottle necking at busy door openings. Our heavy duty rubber doors can be equipped with high performance door openers, safety door sensors, high speed starter panels with soft start and stop function to reduce wear and tear on the doors essential parts. Truck Latches will increase safety around the loading dock by helping prevent trailer creep or walking by locking the trailer in place while the dock is in use. Red and green communication lights will help prevent early departure by letting the driver know when the loading dock is in use and when it is safe to leave. These and other items are easily view on this site.

Preventative Maintenance

To assist you in keeping your operation running smoothly, we offer unequaled loading dock and overhead door planned maintenance service programs at affordable rates. Our planned maintenance program will reduce the frequency and severity of repair issues. We understand that when your dock equipment has stopped working, so has a critical piece of your business.

Fire Door Sales, Service & Inspection

Fire-rated doors are an integral part of not just the building’s passive fire-protection system but the building’s overall fire protection. A properly operating fire door, just like a properly operating fire damper, is a key component in the compartmentalization of a building to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke, and toxic fumes and gases. For the fire door to operate successfully the entire fire assembly must operate, and the fire door is just one part of the overall fire assembly. The assembly is composed of the fire door, frame, fire exit hardware, door closers, hinges, locks, door bolts, and other door components that when combined provide varying degrees of fire protection that is contingent on the door fire rating (e.g. 45 minutes, 90 minutes). In addition to all of the components of a fire door assembly there are multiple categories of fire doors: horizontal sliding; fire shutters; swinging; vertically sliding; chutes; and overhead rolling fire doors.

Combining the critical role fire doors play in fire protection, the varying types of fire doors, the multiple components that comprise a fire assembly, with the high frequency that fire doors are used on a day-to-day basis in building occupancy the likelihood of a fire or smoke door not being optimal condition to protect occupants in the event of a fire is quite high. That is why The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The International Code Council (ICC), and The Joint Commission all require the inspection of Fire Doors. The two primary NFPA Codes that have requirements for the maintenance and inspection of fire doors are NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, and NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Protective Opening Protectives. These requirements for an annual inspections performing door drop test for annual certification.

24 HOUR BREAKDOWN CALLOUT / 800-662-0197

Compliance Crane Services operate a 24-hour breakdown service 365 days of the year, throughout the US. Whether you require a minor repair or are experiencing a major failure, a trained and experienced technician will respond to your call quickly, diagnose the problem and repair the item. We are able to service and repair all types of overhead doors & dock levelers, regardless of the age or manufacturer of your equipment.
If you are looking for a proactive approach to your overhead door & dock leveler equipment condition, give CCS a call and we’ll explain the benefits of a true “Preventative Maintenance Program”. We will show you how planned maintenance can save you money, reduce downtime and provide for the health and safety of your employees.

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